Snowplow Training

Our Snowplow Analytics training helps product owners, product managers, growth professionals, marketers, and analysts on how to use Snowplow to understand their customer's journey and behavior, optimize marketing, and use data to improve their products. Our courses provide the knowledge you need to be able to leverage product/behavioral data in your organizations.

You will have access to analytics templates, Snowplow best practices to help you go from zero to hero fast, with a solid foundation.

Snowplow Analytics Courses

Snowplow Analytics 101 - Product Manager/Owner And Business Users

In this class, you will learn how to leverage Snowplow to track your digital product, and how to set up the foundations for a successful analytics practice and deployment of Snowplow in production.
Duration: 8 hours.

This course is right for you if

  • You are a product manager/owner or business user of a digital product
  • You want to understand how your product is being used
  • You aspire to lead digital analytics and create a common platform for data-informed decision making

By the end-of-day you will be able to

  • Create a product/digital tracking strategy for Snowplow
  • Add context to your events through custom contexts
  • Perform QA on a Snowplow implementation
  • Fully understand how Snowplow works and how to use it

Curriculum Outline

  • Snowplow components and core concepts
  • Create a product/digital analytics tracking strategy
  • Create Snowplow custom contexts
  • Practical exercise: Sending events to Snowplow

Snowplow Analytics 201 - Implementation Specialist/Digital Analyst

In this class, you will learn how to implement Snowplow on a website/app, and how to answer business questions with data modeling and Tableau Software.
Duration: 8 hours.

This course is right for you if

  • You are a digital analytics implementation specialist
  • You work with SQL on a weekly basis
  • You are responsible for creating reports and answer product questions

By the end-of-day you will be able to

  • Implement and QA Snowplow on a website or app
  • Create SQL data models
  • Create and validate custom contexts
  • Transform business questions into insightful data visualizations

Curriculum Outline

  • Snowplow Trackers
  • Technical implementation with Snowplow
  • Data modeling + Automation
  • Data Visualization with Tableau Software
  • Practical exercise: implementating Snowplow on a website/app,


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