Looking for Google Analytics 360 alternatives before you commit $150k/year to own your data?.

Google Analytics democratized web analytics in a time where CPU and storage were scarce and expensive. The value proposition is simple: place this Javascript snippet on your site, and you will have analytics.

While this is great for small business, organizations with increased analytical maturity require access to raw event-level data to perform advanced analysis and integrate digital data into products and data warehouses.

Google Analytics 360 is mostly access to raw event level data for $150k a year.
Thanks to Cloud computing, storage and CPU have never been so cheap, the paradigm has shifted.

Snowplow Analytics marks the democratization of the digital analytics platform, where you own your analytics platform, a level above the previous analytics democratization for a fraction of the cost.

Snowplow Analytics

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Google Analytics 360

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Price Open Source (AWS infrastructure) Starts at $150,000 a year
Infrastructure Yours
Dedicated AWS infrastructure
Google Shared Infrastructure
Reporting You
decide what questions to ask of the data
One size fits all
Attribution Yes
Create your attribution based on the data, with total transparency of what is what.
Google Analytics has a proprietary way of recognising direct, organic and referral traffic sources
Cross-Platform Data Collection Yes
With more than 16 trackers from Javascript to C++, LUA, Python and Webhooks, there is no data Snowplow Analytics can't track, both from software and hardware.
Product limitations as the number of dimensions, impossibility to store PII data discourage from using Google Analytics as a cross-channel data collection platform.
Data Access Yes
Raw clickstream data accessible through SQL.
Processed data through Google BigQuery.
Real-time data Yes
Real-time clickstream data available through Kafka or ElasticSearch.
Only some metrics in real-time, and clickstream data updated every four hours.
IP Addresses, PII Data Yes
Include whatever type of data you need to facilitate integrations, including PII data.
You can't send PII data (IP addresses, emails) to Google Analytics or risk Google deleting your data.
Data Availability/Realtime Control Yes
You control when the data is refreshed, from batched processing every x hours to realtime.
Data is not available in realtime. Data is updated every four hours to a table in BigQuery (ga_sessions_intraday_)
Data Ownership Yes
You own all the data; it lives in your AWS account.
Only as long as your continue your Google Analytics 360 subscription, you will have access to raw data (BigQuery)
Data Reprocessing Yes
Reprocess and fix your data anytime, adjust the rules and reprocess the collected data.
No, Google Analytics 360 cannot reprocess your data.
Data Enrichment Yes
Snowplow can query external data sources to enrich clickstream data (e.g. exchange rates, weather, and other APIs).
No data enrichment processing engine.
RAW Data Yes
Snowplow provides true unfiltered raw data.
No, data in BigQuery is from a filtered view
Native Integrations Google AdWords, Adjust, Angut, CallRail, Clearbit, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Optimizely, OpenWeatherMap, PagerDuty, Pingdom, SendGrid, Urban Airship, Open Exchange Rates. Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google DoubleClick, Google Search Console, Google DataStudio.
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Companies using Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics is trusted by medium and large organizations including DollarShaveClub.com, CapitalOne, Headspace, StumbleUpon, Smugmug, TheGuardian, Funnyordie.com, Jane.com, Bauer Media Group, Weebly.com, N26.com, Peak.net, and others.

Companies using Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow Analytics is a true alternative to Google Analytics 360. Costing just a fraction to run when compared with Google Analytics 360, Snowplow Analytics gives you full control of your data and creates a more balanced spend between people and tools.


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