Trust your digital analytics data

For businesses where the digital channel is critical it is likely, you invested significant time and money into tracking the behavior of users to your digital properties.

Tracking is a critical component of your business, how do you know the tracking is still working? It is likely that you don't, this is where can help you.

Get ahead of data quality problems

  • Broken Data Layer
  • Broken tracking, no data
  • Tracking not working as specified
  • Unauthorized tags
  • Broken functionality

Our Process

Adopt a time-tested quality assurance framework that helps your organization improve its data quality.

Tracking Audit
  Quality Assurance Configuration   Automated Testing
Understand and document tracking in all the different digital properties. Create tests that automatically verify each of the tracking specifications. Perform automated testing in development and production environments.
Provide training to the engineering, product, and marketing teams about digital analytics tracking data quality and governance.

Supported Vendors

Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Snowplow Analytics, Mixpanel, Data Layer, Marketo, Eloqua, Criteo, Tealium, Optimizely, Facebook, AdRoll, Mediamath, and other affiliate, analytics, display advertising, email, personalization, social vendors.

Digital Data Quality Assurance Use Cases

Digital Analytics Quality Assurance

  • Data layer validation
  • Tracking specifications validation

Marketing Tags Quality Assurance

  • Marketing tag audit
  • GDPR compliance
  • Detecting unauthorized tags

Product Quality Assurance

  • Monitor critical workflows/features
  • Monitor page errors and load times

Digital Analytics

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