Data Cataloging

As your data ecosystem and team grow, it will become increasingly difficult to identify the location of various data assets: dashboards, KPIs, tables, who uses what, and where data originates.

From a privacy compliance perspective, it is critical to know what data you have and where it is, and where it comes from.

What is a Data Catalog?

A data catalog is the metadata that describes your data ecosystem. It applies to tables, databases, columns, data models, dashboards, people, KPIs, and dashboards, documenting the relationships between them. Think of it as a Google search for your data. -- Joao Correia

We work within your organization ecosystem to create and maintain a searchable graph of your data ecosystem. This graph is effectively a graph that documents the relationship between databases, KPIs, tables, columns, and people.

The graph is effectively documents the metadata of your organization data.

Data Catalog DAG


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