Adobe Adwords Integration

The Adobe Analytics Google Adwords integration enables you to associate customer behavior with campaign and cost data from Google AdWords.

Calculating ROAS, or cost per lead with Adobe Analytics is as simple as creating a calculated metric.

Why integrate AdWords and Adobe?

When you integrate AdWords with Adobe Analytics, you can:

  • See campaign/adgroup/keyword clicks and each click cost in Adobe.
  • Calculate ROAS for each campaign/adgroup/keyword.
  • Associate a specific paid keyword/adgroup/campaign to customer/purchase
Adobe Analytics Google Adwords Integration Diagram

How does it work?

Our system exports Google AdWords data daily into an Adobe Data Source (via FTP) with gclid (Google Click ID), Account, Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Keyword match type, and Average CPC.

You can then create Adobe Analytics Calculated metrics which will be helpful when making Google AdWords spend decisions.

Example data

Account Campaign Ad Group Keyword Keyword Match Type Avg. CPC Gclid
Star Wars Empire Dagobah princess leia broad 1.42 CKSuwcCK
Star Wars Empire Dagobah master yoda exact 1.76 CO_Zl-b_0
Star Wars Empire Bespin luke skywalker phrase 3.20 EAIaIQobC
Star Wars Empire Bespin chewbacca phrase 1.20 CMPX47_s


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