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We can help you set the cornerstone for a successful analytics program.
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Our Process

Understand stakeholder needs, goals and define a measurement plan.
Digital Analytics Process Implementation
Infrastructure, data acquisition, tracking, implementation, and quality assurance.
Training & Support
Train your team to use data/products to inform decision making.
Analytics & Reporting Dashboards/reports, report automation, analysis and documentation.

Snowplow Analytics Consulting Services


We'll help you collect data that is relevant to your business and make effective use of Snowplow

  • Proof of Concept
  • Stakeholder Requirements
  • Tracking Strategy


We'll implement, configure and manage your instance of Snowplow Analytics.

  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Data Quality Audit
  • Snowplow Analytics Managed Service

Data Analysis

Have a specific question you need answered? We'll make you look like a rockstar.

  • Report Automation
  • Data Modeling/Analysis
  • Data Visualization

Support & Training

You'll motivate and develop your team with our custom support and training services.

  • Ad-Hoc Support
  • In-person Training
  • Ongoing Training

Snowplow Analytics Use Cases

Use Case #1: Attribution

An organization who wants to define attribution without relying on multiple vendors.

Use Case #2: Integration

An organization looking to segment user behavior/value based in offline/sales/crm data and vice-versa.

Use Case #3: Real-time Analytics

An organization who needs real-time analytics and metrics. E.g. Gaming.

Use Case #4: Agency Ad Tracking

An organization who needs to track ad impressions and clicks.

Use Case #5: Data Ownership

An organization who has the requirement of owning their data on premises.

Use Case #6: Centralized Data Platform

An organization who needs a centralized analytics platform to track all their apps, software and multiple websites.

Who is using Snowplow Analytics?

Snowplow is currently being used by hundreds of medium and large organizations including:, CapitalOne, Headspace, StumbleUpon, Smugmug, TheGuardian,,, Bauer Media Group,,,, and others.

Who is using Snowplow Analytics?


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