Google Analytics Data Backup

As the digital analytics maturity of your organization evolves, the demand for increased control over data becomes a priority.

Google Analytics Standard does not provide you with access to your data, backing it up is a way to safeguard it and advance your analytics capabilities.


  • Data ownership and safeguard
  • Access to Google Analytics raw data
  • Use SQL to query your Google Analytics data
  • Troubleshoot Google Analytics implementation
  • Reprocess Data
  • Data Audits

How Does it Work?

The Google Analytics Backup works by sending a copy of the hit that is sent to Google Analytics to Snowplow Analytics, creating clickstream data from your current implementation without extra code.

The resulting data is Google Analytics raw data, mostly known as clickstream data and is made available for querying or storage on your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Google Analytics Data Backup

To enable the backup, you only need to add a single line of code to your Google Analytics tracking code and reference a javascript plugin.

ga('require', 'spGaPlugin', { endpoint: '' });

There is no impact on performance as both the plugin and Google Analytics are load asynchronously. There is also no impact on Google Analytics implementation or data.

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