Certified Digital Analytics Experts

We help companies use data for iterative improvement, growth, and innovation through strategy, robust implementations, and training. Our team includes certified experts in Snowplow, Google, Tealium, Adobe, Tableau, and others.

Our Process

Understand stakeholder needs, goals and define a measurement plan.
Digital Analytics Process Implementation
Infrastructure, data acquisition, tracking and implementation.
Training & Support
Train your team to use data/products to inform decision making.
Analytics & Reporting Dashboards/reports, report automation, analysis and documentation.

Digital Analytics

Right Metrics for the Right Business Goals

We help you identify the right metrics for your growth initiatives so that your team is in-sync with the overarching business goals; this is where most companies fail. No analysis paralysis here.

Democratizing Data

As your data volume grows, so does complexity and obscurity of data. Information becomes siloed, which drives people to navigate an invisible landscape of tribal knowledge. We help you create a framework for documentation and data sharing, improving the life of those who need data and those providing directions.

Automating Reports

We help you automate reporting so you effectively waste less time doing work that should be done by machines. Free your time to think about your business strategy.

Tech Stack

Igloo Analytics Tech Stack

Digital Analytics Consulting Services

We're a team of highly experienced analysts, data scientists and engineers.
We are here to help you use data to grow and innovate.

Digital Analytics Strategy

Align your marketing, product, sales and executive teams with a custom, carefully designed analytics framework.

Data Analysis

You will look like a rockstar. We help you answer your business questions with stunning visual presentations, and help your team develop their analytical skills.

Data Visualization

We help you automate reporting by creating beautiful and insightful interactive data visualizations in Tableau, Google Datastudio, Looker or your favorite viz software.

Tag Management

We implement and configure tag management and tracking requirements on websites, iOS/Android, and software applications.

Digital Analytics Implementation

Take your analytics to the next level. We provide strategy, implementation, analysis and data modeling/visualization for Snowplow Analytics, Google, Adobe, Mixpanel, and others.

Support & Training

Product or data questions shoudn't be an obstacle. Motivate your employees by growing their skills with custom training solutions and ongoing support.


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