Data Modeling

We help organizations create a modular, microservice-like architecture for data modeling, and create and maintain data models to answer business questions in fields such as:

  • Finance Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Executive Reporting

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is the transformation of raw data to answer or productize a business question.

Example: What's my monthly recurring revenue (MRR) growth year over year?
MRR growth YoY is calculated from the individual transaction-level data, using SQL.

Data Modeling Architecture

Our preferred data modeling architecture is modular, allowing you to use your existing infrastructure, and create robust, version-controlled, and documented data models.

We write SQL code that runs on your data warehouse and transforms the raw data into data models that productize analytics needs. The data never leaves your data warehouse (ELT). Data Modeling Architecture

The example below illustrates the data lineage graph of a profit and loss statement, starting with raw data tables from Sage Intacct. Lineage graph example


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