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If you work with Snowplow as much as we do, you know debugging is not as straightforward as inspecting hits with the network tab.

Looking to improve developers day-to-day during implementation and quality assurance of Snowplow, we've created a Chrome extension that is both simple and intuitive to use.

It resembles the Network tab and includes support for Chrome Dark and Light themes, CSV export, custom schemas validation, custom columns, hit filter, hit detail view, and Base64 decode.



Below are some screenshots taken with Chrome Dark theme enabled, my favorite.

Install Snowplow Analytics Debugger

Visit our extension on the Google Chrome Store and click Add to Chrome.

Usage is simple, just open Dev Tools (Ctrl-Shift-I) and switch to the Snowplow Analytics Debugger tab.

Please report any issues and feature requests on GitHub.

Comments about our Snowplow extension?

Share your view in the comments section below.


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