Snowplow Analytics Pricing Calculator

Snowplow Analytics is open-source (free), your only cost will be running it in your Amazon Web Services account. The cost will vary, depending on the amount of data and the pipeline you choose to run.

Snowplow Analytics can run two different pipelines:batch or real-time, or even both at the same time. See How does Snowplow Analytics work.

This calculator estimates the cost of running Snowplow Analytics on Amazon Web Services for both pipelines, based on the number of hits and your AWS zone of preference.

$ / month

If you have Google Analytics, you can see how many hits your property had in the last 30 days by visiting the Admin, selecting the account and property, clicking Property Settings and scrolling down to Property Hit Volume. Use the number of hits in the last 30 days.
In Adobe Analytics go to Admin > Billing and get the number of hits for the previous month or last 30 days.

Who is using Snowplow Analytics?

Snowplow is currently being used by hundreds of medium and large organizations including:, CapitalOne, Headspace, StumbleUpon, Smugmug, TheGuardian,,, Bauer Media Group,,,, and others.

Who is using Snowplow Analytics?


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